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    You are a design school student and are looking for an opportunity to show your passion and talent? From 18 April to 18 May 2016 Pink Lady® gives you the chance to design its next shopping bag based on its intrinsic values: pleasure, perfection, nature, high quality and respect for people, the planet and time. To do so, you must create a visual on one of these themes: nature, a taste delight, glamour, or choose your own theme under “carte blanche”.
    To enter, nothing could be easier, you must simply meet these conditions:
    • You must be over 18 and a student in design, fashion or graphic arts (at a design school, arts school design department, decorative arts school, graphic arts school or fashion school),
    • Your design must be creative, original and target the general public, and therefore must be in English,
    • You must enter on an individual basis,
    • You can enter for one or more themes, but your design must be different for each theme,
    • Each design must include the Pink Lady® heart logo and its wordmark.
    • You must submit three images in jpg format (maximum 2 MB). The first image is a 3D image showing the volume of the bag, the second image shows the large side of the shopping bag, and the last image shows the small side of the shopping bag.
    Voting on the designs will take place from 19 May to 9 June 2016. After that time, a jury will short-list the ten candidates with the most votes. The winner will be announced on 15 June 2016 and will win a prize of €2,500.
    Are you ready? Then fill in the form below, and Pink Lady® looks forward to receiving your surprising, exciting designs that will make you a winner!

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